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Jail FAQ

The  Adams County Jail is a 30 bed facility located within the Adams County Sheriff's Office in Ritzville Wa. It houses both misdemeanor and felony male and female offenders.

 Frequently asked questions:

When can I visit an Inmate?
How do I send mail to an Inmate?
How can I post bail for an Inmate?
Can I bring an inmate their medications?
Can I send money to an Inmate
Can Inmates make phone calls?
If I have a jail commitment from another county, may I serve it in Adams County?


Male Inmate's: Saturday & Sunday 10:00am to 2:00pm
Female Inmates: Saturday 2:00 to 5:00pm or Sunday 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Inmates must schedule their visits by submitting  a Visitation form indicating the day/time they wish to reserve for a visit as well as the names of the adult visitors. Walk in visits are not permitted.

It is the responsibility of the inmate to advise you of the time and date they reserved for the visit.

Visitors are expected to dress appropriately. Overly revealing  clothing, halter tops, short shorts, etc will not be permitted. The on duty Corrections Officer will determine if visitors clothing is appropriate.

Any damage to the visitation rooms will result in immediate termination of the visit. It may also result in revocation of future visits and/or criminal charges.

All visitors over 16 years of age must process valid photo identification from a state/federal government agency. High School identification is NOT acceptable.

Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian who must remain in the visitation room at all times. Guardians must posses legal proof of guardianship. Any violation will result in immediate termination of the visit and may result in revocation of future visitations,

Visitors desiring to place funds on an inmates account during visitation must do so at time of check in for the visit. Bills larger than $20.00 will not be accepted. Inmate account balances are privaledged  information and will be be released.

Clothing exchanges are not permitted.


Inmates mail should be addressed as follows:

Inmates Name
210 W Broadway
Ritzville, Wa 99169

Legal Mail:

Is defined as mail between an inmate and their attorney or a court of law. Legal mail is not opened prior to being delivered. If a question arises regarding the contents, the mail is opened in the presence of the inmate. An inmates outgoing mail annotated as "legal mail" must be addressed to the inmates attorney or a court of law. There is no limit to the number of legal letters an inmate may send to their attorney.

Personal Mail:

Is defined as all mail not regarded as legal mail. Personal mail is opened prior to delivery to the inmate and examined for contraband or unauthorized items. Unauthorized items, not illegal to possess will be placed in the inmates property. Unauthorized items are defined as, but not limited to jewelry, stick on pictures, etc. Mail containing audio recording/playing devices or pages with stains on them will be denied delivery and placed in the inmates personal property.

Mail received for an inmate who is no longer in custody of the Adams County Jail will be marked Returned To Sender and returned unopened. We do not forward inmate mail.
Messages delivered at the jail will be delivered to the inmate at the Jail staffs convienance. Jail staff do NOT wait for responses to notes. Please don't ask.


Subjects arrested for a criminal offense or as the result of a warrant are taken to the  Adams County Jail in Ritzville. Subjects arrested for a felony offense or domestic violence related  offense must appear before a judge before a bail or bond is set. Subjects arrested on a warrant can normally be released on bail or bond as indicated on the warrant. Bail listed as Cash Only must be posted in cash, in full. During normal business hours, cash bail may be posted through the clerk of the court with jurisdiction over the arrest. During non-business hours, bail must be posted at the jail. Credit/Debit cards or personal checks can not be processed for bail. Bail not listed as cash only may be posted by a licensed Bail Bonds Agency. Licensed bail bond agencies can be found in your local phone directory.


Inmate medications may be delivered by a family member at the jail. They must be in their original container, have the inmates name, medication name, dosage, prescribing doctors name, pharmacy phone number  and not be expired. There will be no exceptions to this policy.



Money may be mailed to an inmate. It must be in the form of cash only. We cannot accept money order, personal check or cashiers checks. Inmate account balances are privileged and will not be disclosed.


Telephone Calls :

Inmates have access to telephones 24/7. All calls are made either collect or by phone card. Only phone cards issued by the jail may be used. Commercial phone cards will not function on the inmate phone system.

Inmates who have funds on their account may purchase either $10.00 or $20.00 phone cards.

Family member may set up a pre-paid telephone account by visiting Legacy Inmate Communications. 

Phone calls placed to an inmates attorney are made at no cost to the inmate and are NOT recorded. All other phone calls are recorded. 

Inmates may not receive personal incoming telephone calls.

Corrections staff will NOT take or deliver telephone messages for inmates, including emergency messages.


Out of County Jail Commitments: 

Persons with jail commitments from other jurisdictions may, under certain circumstances, serve that commitment in the Adams County Jail. The court of jurisdiction must approve you to serve your jail commitment in another county.  You must also pay an out of county commitment fee of $63.00 per day, in full, in advance. The Adams County Jail reserves the right to decline out of county commitments at it's discretion.


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